Richard Kruse

DOB: 30th January 1983
Club: ZFW
Coach: Ziemek Wojciechowski
Discipline: Men’s Foil
Best Result: 2009 Venice Grand Prix and 2016 Havana Grand Prix wins
Richard Kruse (Scotland) started fencing at the age of ten and made his senior World Championship debut in Nimes, France in 2001. He has been as high as number four in World (2009). He has won two Grand Prix events (Venice in 2009 and Havana 2016), picked up two European silver medals and two European bronze medals along with three Grand Prix silver medals and one bronze. He also has three World Cup wins to his name along with four World Cup silvers and three World Cup bronze medals. Richard was also part of the British team who picked two European bronze medals in 2010 and 2013 and the gold medal winning team for the inaugural European Games in Baku in 2015. At the age of 19 Richard became Junior European Champion in 2002.

A three-times Olympian, Richard finished eighth at Athens 2004, fourteenth at Beijing 2008 and seventeenth at London 2012 and has been selected to compete at his fourth Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He is also a four-times British Champion.

Richard Kruse has an engineering degree, plays the bagpipes and lists learning languages as one of his hobbies. He is a fluent Hungarian speaker. He is also a keen traveller choosing to go down the path less trodden. He has visited Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Bosnia.


Primary: Moss Hall School, West Finchley, London
Secondary: The Compton School, Frien Barnet, London
University: City University London – Civil Engineering 3rd

Athlete Quotes

“I took up fencing in 1994 at the age of 10 when I bumped into a fencing coach in a supermarket. He encouraged me to take up the sport to occupy my time and focus my energy. He is still my coach today.” “The best thing about fencing is you get to sword fight for a living.”

“My advice to a young fencer would be to thoroughly warm up and down.”

“My fencing ambition is to go for a personal best at the Rio 2016 Olympics.”

Season Ending Ranking

World Championships Results

European Championships Medals

Grand Prix Medals

Year Rank Year Rank Year Rank Year Rank
2015 17 2015 27 2013 Zagreb team bronze 2016 Havana 1st
2014 21 2014 38 2012 Legnano 3rd 2015 Turin 2nd
2013 17 2013 34 2010 Leipzig 3rd & team bronze 2012 Wakayama 3rd
2012 14 2012 (Olympics) 17 2009 Plovdiv 2nd 2010 St Petersburg 2nd
2011 22 2011 35 2009 Paris 2nd
2010 8 2010 - 2009 Venice 1st
2009 4 2009 10
2008 24 2008 (Olympics) 14
2007 37 2007 15
2006 23 2006 32
2005 54 2005 26
2004 40 2004 (Olympics) 8
2003 41 2003 8

World Cup Medals

2014 Seoul 3rd
2011 Seoul 2nd
2010 Seoul 2nd
2010 Copenhagen 1st
2009 Copenhagen 1st
2008 Copenhagen 3rd