European Junior and Cadet Championships 2015

British Fencing would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following fencers on being selected to represent Great Britain at the upcoming European Cadet Championships in Maribor, Slovenia.
Chef de Mission for the cadet team will be Neil Brown ( so please direct questions to him or to your weapon coordinator.




Men's foil BIRD Harry
Men's foil BIRCH Jai
Men's foil FINCH Samuel
Men's foil KISS Daniel
Men's foil KISS Daniel
Men's foil RAI Rajan
Men's foil PALLIER Sebastian

Women's sabre CHART Maria
Women's sabre CHART Maria 
Women's sabre DAYKIN Kate
Women's sabre CORBY Jessica 
Women's sabre GLADDISH Laura
Women's sabre MAXWELL Caitlin 
Women's sabre MAXWELL Caitlin
Women's sabre MOFFATT Lizzie

Men's epee CURRAN-JONES Tommy
Men's epee DICKINSON Matthew
Men's epee GREALEY Will
Men's epee MORRIS George
Men's epee NICHOLS Harrison
Men's epee STIGANT Devlin
Men's epee SINCLAIR Aml
Men's epee WHELAN Roo
Men's epee STEED Oliver

Women's foil BARRETT Sarah
Women's foil CHART Yvonne
Women's foil CAMPBELL Yasmin
Women's foil FIHOSY Ayesha
Women's foil ROWLAND Jade

Women's foil WHITFIELD Madeleine
Women's epee GUNDRY Jessica

Women's epee MCCARTHY Medora
Women's epee LAWSON Danielle
Women's epee POWELL Elizabeth
Women's epee SHEFFIELD Laura
Women's epee STANIER Lydia
Women's epee WAKEFIELD Rebecca

Women's epee WOODHOUSE Eliza
Men's sabre DEARY William

Men's sabre GANDER-COMPTON Jacob
Men's sabre AMSALEM Eden 
Men's sabre VAN HOFFELEN Raphael
Men's sabre CRAZE Jamie
Men's sabre WEBB Jonathan
Men's sabre HOWES Nicholas 

Men's sabre SUDDARDS George 


The Officials

Team Manager BROWN Neil

Team Manager MASCOLINO Margie

Coach REES John

Team Manager ROBINSON Lyn


Coach SOTTO Ludo

Coach THOMAS Neale