GB Foil Junior Men

Aix-en-Provence, January 2017 - Selections

1. Harry Bird - Accepted
2. Kamal Minott - Accepted
3. Daniel Kiss - Accepted
4. Dominic De Almeida - Accepted
5. Sebastian Palier - Accepted
6. Ben Bates
7. Sam Finch - Accepted
8. Ciaran Archer - Accepted
9. Sebastian Monnett

Isaac Jolley - Accepted
Brij Gautam
Douglas Ashby
Edmund Howlett - Accepted

Harry Bird
Kamal Minott
Daniel Kiss
Dominic De Almeida

Referee: Nick Payne

TM: Team Greenwood

Coach: Maciej Wojtkowiak

Accredited Coach: Pierre Harper

Eden Cup Individual Event Selection
1. Harry Bird
2. Kamal Minott
3. Daniel Kiss
4. Dominic De Almeida
5. Sebastian Palier
6. Ben Bates
7. Sam Finch
8. Ciaran Archer
9. Sebastian Monnett
10. Kieran De Lange
11. Alan Lozovic
12. Connor Head
13. Aidan Woolley
14. Euan Deamer
15. Rob Williams
16. Isaac Jolley
17. Brij Gautam
18. Edmund Howlett
19. Douglas Ashby
20. Ben Stezaker

1. Sebastian Sacchi Wilson
2. Isaac Mulcahy
3. Celyn Lewis
4. Allesandro Gill
5. James Page

Kamal Minot
Harry Bird
Daniel Kiss
Dominic De Almeida


Leszno 29th October 2016

1. Harry Bird
2. Kamal Minott
3. Dominc De Almeida
4. Daniel Kiss
5. Sebastian Pallier
6. Ben Bates
7. Ciaran Archer
8.Kieran De Lange
9.Samuel Finch

1. Alan Lozovik
2. Rob Williams
3.Sebastian Monnet

Team Event
1. Harry Bird
2.Kamal Minott
3.Dominc De Almeida
4.Daniel Kiss

Lead Weapon Coach
Ludo Sutto 

Lead Performance Team Manager
Lorraine Rose

Performance Team Manager
Tim Greenwood 

Stephen Moore 

Accredited Personal Coaches* 

Selections will be emailed on the 22nd September 2016.  The closing date for confirmation of your place on the Sport:80 website will be 25th September, after which the first reserves will automatically be selected. 

* Personal coaches must seek permission to attend any JWC from the LPTM - once granted this will remain in place for the season. Only accredited personal coaches will be permitted to attend.