Information for Athletes and Parents


Following a review of previous season’s administrations of the JWCs, from feedback from athletes, parents, BF staff, referees and Team Managers, British Fencing have updated the policies and procedures relating to the 2016/17 Nominated JWCs.

The full document can be seen here, please ensure that you have read the document prior to accepting your place for a JWC.



British Fencing have introduced the role of a Lead Performance Team Manager (LPTM) per weapon, who will be assisted by an allocated Performance Team Manager (PTM).

Allocations of either a LPTM or PTM to a JWC will be listed on the selection page of the appropriate weapon.

Sport:80. will be responsible for all communication to athletes regarding selection, travel and official squad accommodation, including the official entry and exit times at the squad accommodation.

For the 2016/17 season the allocation of the Lead Performance Team Manager will be as follows: 

FOIL - Lorraine Rose 

SABRE - Pat Aiyenuro 

EPEE - Marie-Pauline MacKinnon


• If personal coaches wish to attend and be treated as part of the squad (eg stay in the squad hotel, included in squad meetings etc), written consent must be obtained from BF via the LPTM.

• The Lead PTM will act as a coordination point for requests for Personal Coaches to attend JWCs and liaise with BF (inc WCP) to obtain authorisations and inform the PTM and Sport:80.

• All coaches attending (personal or otherwise) must be on the BF Coaches Register (or National equivalent for coaches working outside of the UK)  and agree to operate under all relevant BF Codes of Conduct (Member, coach, etc)

• Personal coaches will be added to the selection page once they have confirmed they are attending and have been authorised to join the squad

For more information please see Updates for Parents and Athletes



Sport:80 will be responsible for all communication regarding selection, travel and accommodation of athletes for JWCs.

Selected athletes will now be able to make independent travel arrangements but will be required to stay in the official JWC squad hotel with the PTM as organised and advised by Sport:80

Please contact: Andrea Snowdon or Richard Mallon


Number: 0203 005 2526 (during office hours 9:30-16:30) 

All opportunities to participate in trips are offered under the following Terms and Conditions. Accepting a selection for a JWC implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. As part of an acceptance process BF may request a signed copy




Parents are responsible for all payments due and any damages incurred by themselves and their child(ren).

Parents consent the taking of photographs and video footage during the season for promotional and training purposes.  

Parents agree that British Fencing assumes duty of care from the time that the athlete reports at the agreed entry point to the agreed departure point, which will be confirmed in writing.  

Parents agree that their child(ren) must comply with the British Fencing Youth Athlete Code of Conduct.

Parents accept the authority to British Fencing officials and agree to comply at all times from entry point to departure point and understand that any breach of this code will have consequences according to the relevant sanctions.

Parents agree that their child(ren) will abide by the drug testing regulations.

Parents authorise British Fencing Staff/Team Officials act in Loco Parentis for the purposes of medical treatment, drug testing situations and other situations where someone is required to act as a responsible adult in their place.

Parents accept that fencing activities carry the risk of injury.

Parents agree that their child(ren) will only participate in British Fencing activities if they are in good health and can be considered fit to participate.


Information for Personal Coaches

JWC Kit requirements

How to pass a weapons check  


Click here to view the British Fencing Athlete Agreement - Adult (18 and over)  Terms & Conditions - Updated May 2017

Click here to view the Athlete Agreement for U18s (To be signed by a Parent/Guardian) - Terms & Conditions - Updated May 2017

All minors need to download and complete two copies of the FIE Medical Authorisation form (in loco parentis), one to be handed to the Performance Team Manager on arrival and one to be handed into the competition organiser at check-in. 


Your feedback is important so that we can improve the service and as such we would be grateful if you can complete the survey sent after each JWC.