Buying Equipment

When you start out fencing choosing the right kit can be very confusing, these pages are designed to help you choose what to buy and when to buy it. To help you get started here is a quick glossary of terms that relate to equipment in no particular order:

350 Newton

Sometimes written as 350N this is the short term for the CEN European level 1 standard of protective clothing for fencing. It means that the clothing has been tested to withstand at least 350 Newtons of force.

800 Newton

This is also sometimes referred to as FIE (see below for a definition) and means that the clothing has been tested to CEN level 2. 800 Newton or FIE clothing is even stronger than 350 Newton clothing.

FIE (Fédération Internationale d'Escrime)

This is the international governing body for the sport. The term FIE is also used to describe 800 Newton or CEN level two clothing and maraging (see below) blades.

Electric or non Electric

This refers to whether or not an item is suitable for fencing with an electric scoring apparatus.


Pronounced La-may - This is the conductive over jacket that is used for electric scoring in both Foil and Sabre.


Also sometimes called an underarm protector; this is worn under your jacket on your sword arm and gives extra protection to the most commonly hit part of your target area.


This is the name given to the short trousers worn to just below the knee.


This is the name of the type of steel most commonly used in FIE weapons. FIE blades are tested to withstand a very high number of bending cycles so they break less often but are more expensive than standard blades.


This connects your electric weapon to the scoring apparatus and is worn under your jacket.

For more information please see: 'Chart of Clothing Rules' attached below

Safety Guidelines