Clubmark FAQs

1. Is there a fee for Clubmark?

No. Clubmark is available to any club affiliated to British Fencing.

2. What does my club need to be eligible?

The only pre-requisite is that your club is affiliated to British Fencing. Apart from that you will need an enthusiastic team of people who are willing to devote some time towards Clubmark and access to the internet to download helpful resources that are in place to support your club. 

3. Should I work on Clubmark alone?

No, we advise that the everyone involved in day to day running of the club has an equal input into achieving Clubmark. This will enable the work to be shared, responsibilities shared and ensures all the questions, documentation and evidence is to a high standard.

4. How long does accreditation last for?

Clubmark accreditation last for 3 years. You will receive a certificate once completed.

5. How long does the process take?

There is not a set time frame to complete Clubmark however Sport England suggest it should take up to 6 months.

6. What if our club has already started Clubmark?

If your club is already working towards Clubmark with your CSP – excellent. Please let us know and we can liaise with the CSP to get regular updates and support where necessary. 

7. Does Clubmark replace Swordmark?

Yes. Clubmark has been reworked and is now all online. British Fencing have taken the decision to use the online portal and criteria. 

8. What are the next steps?

The next step is to register your interest here.

9. When should I submit evidence?

British Fencing request that you only submit evidence when the whole of that criteria has been completed. For example, when you have answered all the questions in criteria 1: Activity / Planning, you will click submit. Not when you have completed question 1 within criteria 1.

10. How long does it take to get feedback from my assessor?

Submissions may take up to 4 weeks to be assessed and feedback provided. You will still be able to work on the remaining criteria whilst awaiting feedback.

11. What is a site visit and when will it take place?

The Club will be observed by your assessor carrying out tasks/activities with you and members of your club at the site visit. This will be planned in advance at an agreed time between your assessor and the club. The assessor will record what they see and hear taking place during the site visit and provide the Club with feedback on what they’ve observed.

12. Who supports my Club during the Clubmark process?

When you register for Clubmark you will be given a Clubmark Assessor. Usually, this will be British Fencing, however in some cases your County Sport Partnership (CSP) will take on this responsibility. The CSPs will work closely with us as the national governing body of fencing to provide support to clubs working to improve their quality and gain accreditation.