Achievement Awards Scheme

Overview of Achievement Awards

British Fencing has three types of Achievement Awards and they are as follows:

1) The MiniSWORD Awards for 5-7 year olds are focused on the FUNdamentals of Movement – Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABCs) – as well as the importance of fun in sport and the enjoyment of exercise.  Badges and certificates featuring the cheerful, friendly, fencing fox can be awarded by British Fencing registered coaches and leaders to each mini-fencer as they complete the three stages of the award scheme.

2) GO/FENCE Achievement Awards for children 8+ using plastic fencing equipment. We have limited stock available and are undergoing a refresh. However if you are interested in delivering GO/FENCE Achievement Awards then please contact us here.

3) Then we have our popular Weapon Specific awards as explained below that are Achievement Awards for 8+ but using one of the three Olympic metal weapons.

Awards Scheme application form - MiniSWORDS




Awards Scheme application form - Weapon Specific

More Information on our Weapon Specific Achievement Awards:

  • For ages 8+ demonstrating technical competency
  • Focused on a wider range of weapon specific fencing skills
  • Progressive awards from Levels 1-6

Only awarded by British Fencing registered coaches.

POSTERS - Weapon Specific

Epee Grades 1-6 - Poster with Pictures

Foil Grades 1-6 - Poster with Pictures

Sabre Grades 1-6 - Poster with Pictures