Coaching in the Home Countries

In this section coaches will be able to find more information about coaching in Guernsey, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

For information on funding opportunities in the Home Countries please visit the Funding for Coaches page.


The Guernsey Sports Commission was set up to promote and support the development of sport on the island of Guernsey. For more information on the Guernsey Sports please visit their website.

Coach Development in Guernsey

Please contact Oliver Tracey at the Guernsey Sports at for more infromation.


Northern Ireland

Sport Northern Ireland is the leading public body for developing sport in Northern Ireland. For more information on coaching in Northern Ireland please visit the Sport Northern Ireland website. Please see Sport Northern Ireland's insightful Good Practice for Coaches and Volunteers Guide document.

Coach Development in Northern Ireland

Sport Northern Ireland run a series of workshops for coach development. Please see their current programme for 2011-12 on their website.



Sport Scotland's Coaching Scotland 2011-2015 framework is intended to create more and better coaches in Scotland. 

Coach Development in Scotland

CoachingMatters is a programme consisting of a number of workshops held throughout the year for performance coaches to help them develop their effectiveness and keep them up to date with coaching issues. The scheme a partnership between Sport Scotland and Scotland's University for Sporting Excellence - the University of Stirling.

For more information on CoachMatters and coach development in Scotland please visit the Sport Scotland website.



Sport Wales have recently launched their Coaching Strategy 2010-2016 designed at creating an effective and successful coach education system in Wales.

Coach Development in Wales

For more information on coach development and coaching workshops in Wales please visit the Sport Wales website.