South of Ireland Open 27th-28th August 2011

Norfolk Open, 16th-17th July 2011

Arnold LPJS Epee, 9th July 2011

Academy Youth Cup Summer 2011, 2nd July 2011

Bill Hoskyns Open, 2nd July 2011

London Open, 18th June 2011

Hertfordshire Open, 12th June 2011

Wrexham Open, 11th-12th June 2011

Bexley Open, 11th June 2011

Scotland LPJS, 4th June 2011

Inverclyde Open, 28th-29th May 2011

3rd City of Chichester Open, 28th-29th May 2011

Academy Youth Cup Spring 2011

Brighton Open, 8th May 2011

Northern Ireland Junior Foil Series Round 4, 7th May 2011

Manchester Open, 14th-15th May 2011

British U10 Championships, 15th May 2011

Warwick LPJS, 7th May 2011

Birmingham International, 23rd-24th April 2011

Warwick LPJS, 7th May 2011

Chelmsford Marathon Epee

British Youth Championships, 30th April-2nd May 2011

Elite Epee Junior Series Final, 16th April 2011

Bangor Open, 2nd April 2011

Elite Epee Spring 2011 Event, 17th April 2011

GB Schools Teams Championships, 12 March 2011 

Glasgow Open, 9th April 2011

Stratford U14 Sabre

Northern Ireland Junior Foil Series Round 3, 2nd February 2011

Edinburgh Open, 26th, 27th March 2011

Academy Youth Cup, Winter 2011

Public Schools Championships, 22nd-24th March 2011

Invicta Open, 19th, 20th March 2011

Northern Ireland Junior Foil Series Round 2, 26th February 2011

Nottingham Open, 5th-6th March 2011

Elite Epee Junior Series - Event 3, 19th February 2011

Merseyside Open, 19th February 2011

Wellington LPJS, 13th February 2011

Hampshire Open, 12th-13th February 2011

Slough Open, 5th,7th February 2011

GLL Camden Cadet International, 29th-30th January 2011

 Northern Ireland Junior Foil Series

Northern Ireland Open, January 2011

LPJS Kenilworth 16th January 2011 

Cambridge Winter Tournament, 15th/16th January 2011  

Aldershot Open, 8th/9th January 2011

Scottish Open, 8th/9th January 2011

Derry Open, 12 December 2010

Elite Epee Junior Series Event 2, 12th December 2010

London International Open Epee, 11th-12th December 2010

Hereford & Worcester Open, 4th-5th December 2010

Eden Cup, 4th December 2010

Leon Paul Cup, 5th December 2010

LPJS London Team Foil, November 2010

Team Melia BSC, 28th November 2010

Packwood LPJS Epee, 28th November 2010

M8 Open, 27th-28th November 2010

Welsh Open, 16 November 2010

Leeds Open, 6th November 2010

Coventry Open, 30th-31st October 2010

North West Open, 23rd 24th October 2010

Elite Epee, 24th October 2010

Wellington Open, 24th October 2010

Elite Epee Junior Series - Event 1, 23rd October 2010

Allstar Cup, October 2010

Bedford Open Epee 17th October 2010

Sussex Open, 2nd-3rd October 2010

Advalus Pro Sabre October 2010

Ashton Open, 2nd October 2010

British Junior Championships, Sheffield - 3rd October 2010

British Cadet Championships, Sheffield - 2nd October 2010

Bedford LPJS, September 2010

Shropshire Open, Wrekin College, 25th-26th September 2010

Bristol Open, Bristol City Academy, 18th-19th September 2010

Manchester Cadet Tournament - 18th September 2010

BSC Hampton ME and WE Results - 12th September 2010

BSC Foil MF and WF Results - 11th-12th September 2010

Essex Open Results - 4th-5th September 2010

Hamlet Open Sabre, September 2010

2009-2010 SEASON

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