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Are you ready to grow and develop fencing?

Fencing cannot grow and develop without the hard work of all the people that make fencing happen whether at a club, in the region, at events or just by encouraging friends and family to take part.

‘Are you ready?’ is a campaign to challenge all individuals, groups and organisations to do their part in growing and developing fencing. On these pages you’ll find a range of information and resources to help you, whatever your role in fencing. You'll also find information on how to access England Fencing's development grants.

As guidance is written and resources developed they will be put on these pages for you to access. If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see or you have a resource or guide you would like to share then email it to






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Grants available to support clubs and other organisations!

England Fencing wants to encourage projects which will get more people trying and continuing with the sport so is inviting applications for a share of a £25,000 Growth Grant.

Growth Grant Application Form

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