Catch Sport

Catch Sport is a free-to-use service for athletes looking for sponsorship. The company was set up by former international fencer Karim Bashir.

Athletes can register free of charge at and then fill in their own “sporting CV” online.

Once your information is online Catch Sport’s clients can search for you by sport, age and location. However if you match to a potential sponsor search you will be contacted by the Catch Sport team to ask your permission for your identity to be made known.

Once an introduction is made you will be free to talk directly to the interested company. However, Catch Sport will take care of rights packages, contractual negotiations where needed to ensure that both parties enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership.

Catch Sport are the only company in the UK to provide such a service which is why their contracts are endorsed by the British Athletes Commission. Pete Gardner, CEO of the British Athletes Commission, says, “Catch Sport has set itself apart in the way that it manages the introductory process between the athlete and the sponsor, its attention to detail and the way in which it produces bespoke contracts to protect both the athlete and the sponsor, making it the ideal first choice for anyone wishing to sponsor athletes.”

They are also working with some of the biggest UK corporate brands who have welcomed this fresh approach to sponsoring British athletes. Former Head of Strategy for 2012 at London Olympic sponsor BT, Paul Simon, said, “Karim and his team provided invaluable support and expertise when BT was searching for the most relevant athletes to join their ‘2012 Ambassador scheme’. Karim’s unwavering commitment to our project and his wealth of knowledge of the sporting landscape in the UK was extremely helpful in selecting and negotiating contracts with leading British athletes. I look forward to continuing to work with Karim and utilise the services of Catch Sport.”

Karim sums things up by saying, “In order to enable athletes of all ages and from all sports to reach their potential, funding is vitally important and our aim is to assist in making that a reality By providing a risk free and non-exclusive service to athletes, at no cost and with no commitment Catch Sport already holds the fastest growing athlete database of its kind in the UK. This alone is of huge value to organizations that have a budget for sports marketing. By providing a unique interactive searching facility as well, Catch Sport is continuing to achieve its objectives of finding more money for more sports people every day."

So if you are looking for sponsorship to cover your ever increasing competition, training and travel costs log onto and register your details. If you have any other queries please email

Note: Athletes under the age of 18 will have to submit details of a parent/guardian to authorise their account in line with the NSPCC’s Child in Sport policies.