Int Relations Group

International Relations Group

The International Relations Group includes all current FIE and EFC post-holders.  Group members are occasionally invited to attend a BF Rules Committee meeting, usually preceding any annual FIE Congress with a focus on proposals for changes to the statutes and rules.  Group members may also be consulted from time to time regarding any issues relating to their specific commission or council.


FIE post-holders

Dr Clare Halsted:  Medical Commission

Steve Higginson:  Rules Commission (Chair)

Janet Huggins:  SEMI Commission

Peter Jacobs:  Legal Commission

Georgina Usher:  FIE Women and Fencing Council

Hilary Philbin:  FIE-IWAS Joint Council


EFC post-holders:

Tom Cadman - Legal & Rules Commission

Mary Cohen - Medical Commission

Peter Huggins - SEMI Commission

Gillian Aghajan - Veterans Council