British Fencing aspires to create “the world’s most successful fencing community”
Our mission is to inspire and enable people to start, stay and succeed in fencing.

2024 Strategic Objectives -

  1. A performance pathway to International success.
  2. A stronger, empowered community of 30,000 fencers, volunteers, coaches and supporters.
  3. Accessible inclusive swordplay opportunities delivered via partnership programmes.
  4. A sustainable future supported by high quality governance and infrastructure that is financially resilient.

Our values are honesty, respect and excellence.
We will enact our values by

  • - Earning Trust through Integrity and Professionalism
  • - Displaying Team Spirit
  • - Challenging and Innovating to Excel

The delivery of our objectives are underpinned by 7 operational strategies:

  1. Leadership and CultureEstablish, Communicate and reinforce the culture and leadership required to underpin the British Fencing vision, mission and objectives.
  2. Resource Management – Ensure robust systems are in place to monitor, review and maximise the impact of all resources, investments, and income.
  3. Sustainability – Ensure BF is financially resilient, maximise opportunities to increase investment and sponsorship.
  4. Talent Pathway - Ensure a World Class talent programme to deliver medal success.
  5. Coaching & Workforce Development – Ensure appropriate workforce and workforce development systems are in place which meet performance, growth and membership needs.
  6. Insight Led, Participation Centred Growth – Ensure BF can attract & retain new participants.
  7. Club & Membership Support – Ensure that we deliver the products and services to meet the needs of our community.

For the Board update on the future of the World Class Programme (WCP) please see here.