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2018 Membership Prices

Please Note: Previous Under 13 Compete membership category is now Under 14 Compete

Membership Category Discounted Auto Renewal Full Price
Adult Compete £51.75 £57.50
Under 20 Compete £38.25 £42.50
Under 14 Compete £29.70 £33.00
Recreational 18+ £26.10 £29.00
Recreational Under 18 £16.65 £18.50
Starter 18+ £16.65 £18.50
Starter Under 18 £10.80 £12.00
Supporter 18+ £13.50 £15.00
Supporter Under 18 £10.80 £12.00

MEMBERS REGIONAL AFFILIATION (Please read this document carefully before renewing/joining membership, as regions can only be amended at renewal or when joining)

Membership Categories

Starter – For newcomers to the sport, irrespective of whether they ultimately intend to compete or simply just enjoy a recreational form of fencing.  Renewals: Plastic – unlimited renewals.  Metal - U18: 2 years (one renewal), 18+: 1 year (no renewal).

Recreational – For people who want to fence in a club, participate in inter-club matches, but do not want to compete in conventional fencing competitions. Also for Coaches who do not participate in any form of inter-club matches or conventional fencing competitions. Renewals: unlimited.

Compete – For people that want to compete. Renewals: unlimited.

Support – For volunteers, fans, supporters and parents. Renewals: unlimited.

Introductory, Entry Level for Clubs & Schools (C/Ss) Basic Recreational for Fencers in Clubs & Schools For fencers competing Volunteers, Fans, Supporters and Parents


3rd party liability

/personal  accident
As for Recreational

Fence at any C/S session, friendly inter C/S matches held in member C/S’s

Not covered to fence abroad.

As for Recreational plus Regional/County/National training and competitive events

Covered to fence abroad.
As for Recreational
Events Included BF & HC Nominated Recreational  Events BF & HC Nominated Recreational  Events Unlimited  Category Competitions N/A
Sword Online Only Online + 1 Hard Copy/year Online + 1 Hard Copy/year Online Only
Voting Rights 18+ only 18+ only 18+ only None

For further information about all the categories, including the discounted Starter category memberships available for new members please have a look at Membership Categories and Benefits.

For details on the insurance policy that aligns with the Membership Scheme please read the Insurance Overview document.


PLEASE NOTE: All membership payments made are non-refundable.  If you wish to cancel a membership and you have selected to pay via Auto-Renewal or Direct Debit, it is your responsibility as the bill payer to make the cancellation before your next renewal date.  You can do this from within your membership profile by accessing the membership form and clicking 'Cancel Auto-Renewal'.  If you need help cancelling your auto-renewal prior to the renewal date, please click on support within the membership platform and contact us.

The BF Terms and Conditions of Membership.

The Home Country you should join usually depends on where you live. If you wish to represent another Home Country because of where you were born or ancestry then there are some restrictions and rules.

Please see individual Home Country website for more information:

England Fencing
Guernsey Union d'Escrime LBG
Jersey Fencing
Northern Ireland Fencing
Scottish Fencing
Welsh Fencing


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