Membership Scheme

Membership Scheme

To help existing members understand the Membership Scheme and how it affects their current individual membership please read Guidance for Existing Members and the accompanying Guidance for Members FAQ's Part 2

For information about all the categories, including the discounted Starter category memberships available for new members please click here

For details on the insurance policy that aligns with the Membership Scheme please read the Insurance – Members Overview. Over the next month we are working with our Insurance providers to provide members with access to more detailed information.
If, having read the documents, you have any further questions please contact and we will endeavour to incorporate the answer to your query in the appropriate documents.
Please note that existing Social members will retain the current associated benefits until renewal.
The BF Terms and Conditions of the Membership Scheme can be found here.

A summary description of all the Membership Scheme categories can be found here
When purchasing a membership you have the option to affiliate to a Home Country. Fencers who live in a particular Home Country or wish to qualify to represent that Home Country should affiliate to that Home Country. For more details on the affiliation criteria and regulations please visit the appropriate Home Country Website.
List of links to the Home Country Websites:

England Fencing
Guernsey Union d'Escrime LBG
Jersey Fencing
Northern Ireland Fencing
Scottish Fencing
Welsh Fencing