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Development Department Update

Charlie Miller, Workforce and Business Development Coordinator, is set to leave British Fencing at the end of the month after just over five years of dedicated service.  He will take up a new position at British Judo in February.

During his tenure, Charlie has overseen a 50% increase in registered coaches, managed the certification of nearly 5,000 FALA leaders, administered major upgrades to the procedures and processes for our extensive workforce and worked as a 2012 GamesMaker.  His contribution to the development of British Fencing has been significant.

Speaking about his time working in our sport, Charlie said; “It has been a fantastic experience for me working at British Fencing over the last five years.  It has been a privilege to have worked with so many passionate and dedicated people during my time here.  The sport has a bright future with a lot of fantastic work being done across all levels country-wide.”

Speaking about his departure, Gabby Willliams, British Fencing’s Development Director said; “On behalf of everyone at Head Office, we wish Charlie the very best of luck in his new role and would like to publicly thank him for his continued commitment to the development of our sport since 2009.”

As Charlie moves on, British Fencing welcomes recently appointed intern, Satish Thakuri.  Satish, from Birkbeck College, will be supporting the work of the Development Team as we move forward into a new phase of delivery. We expect to hear from Sport England by February 2015 confirming a set of agreed objectives that we will be tasked to deliver against over the next two years. The aim of this work will be to increase the number of opportunities for people to participate through new beginner fencing programmes.  

In addition to Satish joining us, British Fencing has today advertised for a Customer Service Assistant to provide additional support to HQ.  For more information about this role please click here.

Gabby Williams, Development Director.

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