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31st May 2016

Blockout Time Increased

The International Fencing Federation - the FIE - has announced the new timings for sabre.  The new blockout time is 170 milli-seconds increased from 120 milli-seconds.

British Fencing domestic events should start using the new timings from 1st September 2016 in line with FIE rules. Clubs should contact the supplier of their equipment who will be able to help them update the timings in time for the new season.

To confirm, the trial rule around the on guard line for sabre will not be rolled out at a domestic level at this stage - until the change is ratified by congress and it is added as a permanent rule, it will only be used at an FIE level.

Update 27th June: In light of the recent information received by BF from the EFC in Information Letter No 28 on Friday 24th June, detailing that the trial rule around the on guard line for sabre will be extended to include EFC U17 events over the same trial period, BF are currently urgently reviewing whether it would be appropriate to trial the new format domestically, particularly for cadets. If you have any views or suggestions you like BF to take into account, please email by 12noon on Friday 1st July. A decision will be taken the week of 4th July.

Full details can be found in this Document.

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