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25th October 2012

British Fencing congratulates all receipients of this year's awards.

Andrew Brannon - Gold (already Vice President)
Piers Martin - Gold Medal
Hilary Philbin - Gold Medal
Henry de Silva - Gold Medal
Keith Smith - Vice President and Gold Medal
Penny Spink - Gold (already Vice President)
Mike Thornton - Vice President and Gold Medal
Ziemek Wojciechowski - Gold Medal

Peter Cadman - Silver Medal
Liz Charlton - Silver Medal
Caryl Oliver - Silver Medal
Ray Stafford - Silver Medal

Kate Allenby - Bronze Medal
Jane Brown - Bronze Medal
Beth Davidson - Bronze Medal
Norman Golding - Bronze Medal
John Holt - Bronze Medal
Mike Matthews - Bronze Medal (Posthumous)
Catherine Nicoll - Bronze Medal
Charles Read - Bronze Medal
Pat Read - Bronze Medal
Mavis Thornton - Bronze Medal
Andrew Vincent - Bronze Medal
Ian Williams - Bronze Medal

Richard Kruse - Tankard for 2012 European Bronze medal

James Bird - Award of Merit
Rupert Davies-Cooke - Award of Merit
Julian Ghosh - Award of Merit
Liam Harrington - Award of Merit
Edith Haynes - Award of Merit
Brian Matless - Award of Merit
Keith McCarthy - Award of Merit
Andrew Ross - Award of Merit
Margaret Warner - Award of Merit
Jon Willis - Award of Merit

Kim Robinson - Long Service Award

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