Coach Profile: Emmanuel Therond

Coaching Focus (Community, Development or Performance)

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Last CPD Course With Year
BAF - 2008

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To be discussed

My Coaching Philosophy
When I was ten, my mother brought me to the local sports club and asked me to choose an activity. I was not keen on physical education and would have rather stayed at home, however, I picked fencing because I was shy hence wearing a mask suited me well. This turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made in my life: I struggled at the beginning, but gained confidence, agility, speed and strength and managed to get to an honourable level in my teenage years.
Since then I have lived in 13 different countries due to my job but have always found places and people with whom I could continue my sport . Now with my two sons grown up, I have more time to enjoy and share my passion and experience by coaching others which for me is an investment into the future of the sport.

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