Coach Profile: James Williams

Coaching Focus (Community, Development or Performance)

Qualified since

Last CPD Course With Year
Harnessing the Power of Athlete Identity & Values 2020

Coaching Rates Group Individual
Individual lesson Groups sessions and daily rate negotiable depending on the session requirements

My Coaching Philosophy
As a 3 time Olympian I have worked personally with some of the best coaches, nationally and Internationally. My experience as an athlete and coach is that effective communication is the key to success. I believe coaches should empower athletes to be independent, resilient and resourceful. My coaching style will challenge individuals to take control and own their training. I help people overcome barriers that are stopping them from reaching their potential. I compare fencing to doing a jigsaw. Often all the pieces are on the table, but it sometimes takes time to put them together to make the final picture. My job as coach, is help people identify which bits of their jigsaw need to be put in place to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. I like to work with people who like to smile, enjoy being challenged mentally and physically and also who like to ask lots of searching questions of themselves and their coach.

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