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Welcome to the The British Fencing Editorial Calendar.  Through a series of monthly themes, we share information, celebrate our community and highlight issues that can be explored through discussion. Look for articles on our website, social media conversations, videos, podcasts and live events. To contribute articles and submit ideas for themes and content, please email: media@britishfencing.com

As well as monthly themes, our overarching theme is always ‘Teamwork’. Whether it is the fencers on the piste, the relationship between coach and fencer, or the team of volunteers who support clubs and competitions around the world, we welcome images and articles that celebrate and promote good leadership and team work.


As well as any hashtags included in monthly themes, we use:


Our hashtag celebrates the British Fencing call to be yourself, be genuine and be more than you thought you could be. Fencing is a unique and fascinating sport. This is our call to everyone to celebrate and embrace what makes us different to other sports.


This hashtag is used to refer to work in the Athlete Development Program. The ADP is about discovering and developing the young athletes of the future. The program is part of their journey towards a long lasting and sustainable career. This hashtag is used to show steps made on that path.


This hashtag alerts us to performance and competition results from our GBR athletes. If you fence for GBR, watch, or support someone who does, use this hashtag to alert us to results or news via social media.

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