Event Licensing

The BF Event Licensing Scheme provides fencing event organisers with appropriate insurance and public liability cover for events. It will give event organisers increased protection and ensure that all licensed events are covered by the BF insurance policy.

Recreational event licences start from £0 (free!) and competitive event licenses from as little as £5. Click here to find out more about what kind of events can be licensed as Recreational Events.

The BF insurance policy gives the organiser/organising committee of the event: – additional public liability cover: up to £10m – workforce liability: for injuries caused to a person engaged as part of the workforce by the club/committee arising out of and in the course of their work on the event (usually volunteer helpers/parents)

To be covered by the BF insurance policy all competitions and events must hold a BF Event Licence, whether competitive, ranking, open, closed or simply recreational.  Events will be issued with a unique licence number which should be made available on the competition information forms/webpages. As well as a license, for insurance to be valid the event must follow BF policies and procedures – these include BF Safety and Safeguarding policies and procedures.  All accidents, near-misses and black cards must be reported (forms can be found here).

Inter-club/school matches between 4 clubs or less do not need to be licensed, but all competitors must hold a minimum of a starter membership to be covered by the BF Insurance policy.

To be displayed on the BF website calendar events must be licensed – if you don’t want your event to display you can opt out.

To be eligible for BF ranking points (Senior, Junior or Cadet) events must be licensed.

For more information please read the following:

Event Licensing Information and FAQs

Event Licensing Terms and Conditions

Note: In addition to an event license, for BF ranking events there is a Ranking Event Levy, more details about which can be found here.

For any enquiries please contact [email protected].


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