GBR Cadet Contacts

Below is a list of contacts by weapon, should you have any questions regarding competing internationally at Cadet level. All contacts listed support BF on a voluntary basis unless indicated otherwise. 

Weapons coordinators are responsible for coordinating selections and are your first point of contact for general queries.  Squad Managers are responsible for providing information to athletes selected to compete in European Fencing Confederation Cadet circuit events nominated for selection by British Fencing.  They are also the point of contact for parents and coaches of travelling athletes.  Clare Halsted is the Chair of the International Cadet Management Group.

British Fencing International Cadet Management Group (ICMG)
Chair: Clare Halsted
Contact 0207 485 1498 or 07860 534378
Epee Coordinator: Marie-Pauline McKinnon – 07855424884
Foil Coordinator: Sophie Troiano – 07879 647869
Sabre Coordinator: Pat Aiyenuro – 07786 064836

Squad Managers
Epee Squad Manager: Maggie Maynard – 07939 070390
Foil Squad ManagerIan Williamson 
Sabre Squad Manager: Margie Mascolino – 07813 726564

Selections will be done by the ICMG along with 1 independent selector per weapon. The GBR Athlete Development Programme has the right to be represented at European and World Championships selection discussions.

ICMG Responsibilities
The following activities are the responsibility of the International Cadet Management Group (ICMG). Items marked with a * will be discussed and agreed with the Talent Pathway Manager.  Items marked + will be subject to additional approval by the CEO:

–       Cadet Calendar (including domestic selection tournaments) *
–       EFC Competition Nominations (EFC – European Fencing Confederation) *
–       EFC Competition Squad Selection Policies *
–       EFC Competition Squad Selection Process
–       GB Cadet Ranking – reviewing and monitoring
–       Appointment and support of non-travelling Squad Managers (SM)
–       Cadet European & World Championship Selection Policies* +
–       Cadet European & World Championship Selection Process*  +


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