GBR Cadet Selection Policies and Procedures

If you have any questions on the content of this page please contact  Clare Halsted, International Cadet Management Group Chair.

How is selection done?

Selection is based on Ranking. Information on how the ranking is produced can be found here

Selection Policy

GBR Cadet Selection Policy 2019-20 Final v1.0 28.05.19

GBR Cadet Selection Policy 2019-20 Final v1.0 QUICK GUIDE 28.05.19 – intended as a guide only, approved policy document takes precedent.

National Championships Participation Requirement

Athletes who wish to apply for a discretionary selection must complete a form – for more details see GBR Discretionary Selection.

Nominated Events & Selection Dates

2019-20 GBR Cadet Calendar

NB: Selection dates on the calendar refer to the cut-off date for rankings for specific internationals, not the date the selection will definitely be published.  The list of selected fencers will be produced as soon as possible after this date.

Who does selection?

Cadet Selection is done by the International Cadet Management Group, members can be found here.

How do I appeal selection?

Selection Appeals Information

Where is selection announced – How do I know I have been selected?

Announcements will be published on the website here: GBR Cadet Selection Announcements. Selected athletes will be sent a follow-up email to the address in the BF membership. BF is not responsible or liable for any failure to receive or act on selection emails. Athletes are advised to regularly check the announcement pages.

How do I accept selection?

Typically athletes will receive an email from the BF membership platform with a link to accept selection prior to a deadline date. Fees may be payable at this point. Athletes planning to accept selections should ensure that their contact email address in the BF platform is up to date, regularly monitored and that sufficient finances are in place in advance. By accepting selection an athlete is automatically bound by the GBR Policies which can be found here.


Further Advice and Guidance for Parents and Personal Coaches

2018-19 Season

2018-19 Cadet Selection Policy

2018-19 Nominated Events Cadet Calendar 



2017-18 Season 

GBR Cadet Ranking and Selection Scheme – 16.02.17

Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 – Qualification System 09.03.17




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