GBR Athlete Development Centres

What are GBR Athlete Development Centres?

The GBR Athlete Development Centres are designed to provide a localised delivery of support to identified groups of young athletes who are pursuing a future Senior International fencing career representing GBR.

These centres are designed to support a connected community (including clubs and coaches) of collaboration and continuity. All centres have a track record of prioritising the development of young fencers towards the senior elite level alongside broadening their knowledge of fencing.

By bringing together forward-thinking clubs and their respective coaching networks the vision is to support and enhance the existing learning and training environments that clubs are typically able to provide.

The Centres will provide a link into the Athlete Development Programme for athletes as they make their first steps from clubs into GBR performance fencing. Centres will provide fencers with wider development opportunities, including increased and appropriate sparring, S&C and coaching that is tailored to their needs. 


Where are the GBR Athlete Development Centres?

BF is funded by Sport England to establish 6 Centres in England. The intention is that Centres will be placed in areas where a sufficient number of fencers would not need to travel for more than 45 minutes to attend the centre.

So far the following Centres are in place:

Bath (Foil) – Fencers here have benefitted from the expert support that these coaches have provided and from the world leading S&C testing that the Bath Futures team based at the University of Bath have provided.

University of Nottingham (Foil) – This Centre is ran at the David Ross Sport Village at the University of Nottingham.

Truro (Sabre) – Sabruers in the South West can access the Centre developed by Jon Salfield and staff at Truro Fencing Club. The club have produced Olympic and international fencers, with many within their current cohort and training at the club. The Athlete Development Centre is currently building on the excellent training offered to GBR ADP fencers by incorporating an S&C Programme.


How can I join a GBR Athlete Development Centre?

Athletes can make formal enquiries for joining the centres by sending their Athlete Profile along with a covering letter to


How can my club/university become a GBR Athlete Development Centre?

Click here for further information.







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