Disciplinary Incident Management Procedures

Last Updated: 01/07/2024

This process is to be followed in the event of any BF code of conduct breach of any BF activity participant.

The purpose of this procedure is not to put in place disciplinary sanctions – that will be handled through the BF Disciplinary Process.

For GBR activities additional guidance for managing incidents can be found in the GBR Athletes Code of Conduct.

  1. The appointed Camp Manager (expected to be the most senior BF staff member present) in consultation with the CEO or Pathways Director or BF Safeguarding Lead may impose in-activity suspensions where code of conduct breaches are causing or potentially causing a significant negative impact on :
    a) the ability of the staff to manage the safety, welfare and/or performance of the squad.
    b) the safety, welfare and/or performance of the athlete or others (athletes, staff, officials).
    c) the morale of the squad.
    d) the reputation of Fencing or British Fencing.
  2. The process of in-camp suspensions is as follows:
    a) For minor breaches a staff member will remind the athlete of the code of conduct and the athlete will be given a chance to remedy the breach.
    b) For major breaches, failure to remedy a minor breach, or multiple minor beaches over the period of an event the athlete will be asked to a meeting with the Activity (eg Camp/Team) Manager and one other staff member to establish facts. The athlete will be offered the opportunity to be accompanied to that meeting. U18s should be accompanied by the Activity Welfare Officer.
    c) Following that meeting the Activity Manager will consult with the CEO/ Pathways Director before imposing any in-event suspensions.
    d) Where a significant safeguarding risk exists the Activity Manager will escalate the issue to the most senior member of BF staff on site and seek advice and direction from the BF Safeguarding Lead Officer.
    e) If an athlete is unable to attend a meeting, without prejudice suspensions can be imposed.
    f) The decision in regards to whether a breach is minor or major is at the discretion of the Activity Manager taking into account Section 1. Where possible a senior member of the BF executive should be consulted.
    g) The Activity Manager is responsible for producing a written report, collating input from the welfare officer to be sent to the CEO, Pathways Director and the BF Safeguarding Lead.
    h) Further investigations (eg taking of statements) should only be undertaken at the direction of the BF Safeguarding Lead or the CEO.
    i) Parents of U18s should be informed of alleged major breaches as soon as is practically possible (guided by the BF Safeguarding Lead as appropriate) whether or not a suspension is being put in place.
    j) All major breaches should be reported whether or not a suspension was put in place.
  3. In-activity suspensions can include any or all of:
    a) Suspension from part or all of the activity
    b) Immediate supervision request (U18 only).
    c) Request to leave the hotel and source alternative accommodation away from the other participants.
  4. Any failure to respect the in-activity suspensions will be taken into consideration when applying post-activity sanctions.
  5. Suspensions may be put in place on a without prejudice basis where there is risk to health, safety or performance.
  6. BF will not be liable for any costs incurred by the athlete associated with suspensions.
  7. In the event that an athlete has had any sanctions or suspensions imposed by another organisation (eg venue operators, hotels) any BF suspensions will be in addition to action taken by those organisations.



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