GBR Junior Contacts

Junior Weapon Managers
Junior Weapon Manager Sabre – Pat Aiyenuro
Junior Weapon Manager Epee – Marie-Pauline Mackinnon
Junior Weapon Manager Foil – (Vacant)

Junior Selectors
Foil: Graham Paul, Kate O’Connell, Clare Halsted (interim)
Epee: Mark Murray-Flutter, Mary Cohen, Hugh Kernohan
Sabre: Pat Aiyenuro, Jane Hutchison, Anthony Crutchett

Junior Selection Panels
Selection for individual places for athletes for nominated Junior World Cups will be the responsibility of Junior Selection Panels consisting of independent selectors. Parents, athletes and coaches should not contact selectors directly but should email

The ADT is responsible for selecting the Team places. All ADT selections will be reviewed by a team of 4 coaches, and conflicts will be managed and may require a coach to step down from discussions. The proposed team selection (along with relevant supporting information) will still be sent to the selectors for review.

It is the responsibility of the ADP Lead (Steve Kemp) to ensure that discretionary selection for the major events is applied consistently across the weapons and in line with the BF athlete development strategy.

Athlete Development Team (ADT) means the GB Athlete Development Programme Manager, nominated Coach(es) and Weapon Managers. Key contacts can be found here.

Enquiries should be sent to

Team Managers
Team Managers will be allocated to each nominated selection event.

Lead Performance Team Manager Contacts for 2018-2019 can be found here.

LPTM/PTM allocations for 2018-2019 can be found here.

More information about Team Managers can be found in the Team Manager Zone



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