Nominated Junior World Cup Administration (Information for Athletes, Coaches and Parents)

Please note that this announcement does not relate to Cadet and Junior European and World Championships – only Junior World Cups.

Last updated: 15.10.2021


BF will set out any travel requirements (eg arrival/departure deadlines at hotels/competitions)

Within these requirements athletes and personal coaches must organise their own flights, ensuring that they have appropriate insurance (which includes COVID cover) and 24-7 cover in the event of emergencies.

For those athletes/parents that require travel agent services we recommend that you source your own independent travel agent as this is not a service that BF is in a position to provide.


Airport Transfers

If official transport from airport to hotel is provided by the competition organisers this will be booked by the Team Manager (who may be non travelling) for the athletes that provide the Team Manager with their flight details by completing an online form by a deadline. A link to the form will be published on the selection page. Travelling parents/guardians of U18s should be prepared to make their own arrangements as it may not be possible for them to be included in official transport arrangements. Equally they may be required to take official transport if the organisers are operating a ‘bubble’ system. BF will aim to keep you informed and updated as competitions release their ‘reglements’ (the official competition information).


U18 Travel

Travelling U18s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will remain with the U18 in the event of a positive COVID test. Permission to stay in the squad hotel will be granted only in exceptional safeguarding related  circumstances and where no suitable local alternative accommodation exists.

Parents must make appropriate travel arrangements for U18s. Under no circumstances is an athlete in the group to take/be given welfare responsibility for another athlete in the group.

On acceptance of selection there will be the opportunity to specify the travelling parent/guardian of an U18 athlete.

If a BF Team Manager/Coach is responsible for the squad is expected that parents/guardians will follow the instructions of the Team Manager/Coach and maintain their distance from their child and other members of the squad to allow athletes to develop the necessary resilience and independence required for future success at major Championships.

Importantly parents/guardians must also follow the instructions of the local event organisers.

(For more information please see here.)

Parents/guardians must familiarise themselves with the BF Youth Code of Conduct and UK Anti-Doping rules and are expected to take supportive action where necessary (eg do not purchase alcohol for any member of the squad, do not drink alcohol in their presence, do not provide any form of medication without following due process – eg Team Manager informed in advance, Global DRO checks have been performed and TUE’s in place where required).


Entry Points

Entry points for nominated individual Junior World Cups will be at the nominated hotel at a specified time. BF will publish the flight/travel details of any Team Manager/Coaches on the selection page as soon as they are available should anyone wish to make the same travel plans.

Once an athlete has joined the squad at the hotel they are the responsibility of a nominated BF Team Manager/Coach until the agreed exit point.

Due to COVID there will be a risk that the official Team Manager/Coach may not be available to travel at the last minute. Fencers travelling without parents or guardians must consider this possibility prior to travel and plan and be prepared for independent travel. At this point a risk assessment will be undertaken and additional measures may be put in place to mitigate risk.

Whilst we understand that family and friends may wish to travel to support athletes (unless they are the parent/guardian of an U18) they must book alternative accommodation from the squad and read the following guidance in advance of attending.


Selection Emails

Athletes will receive emails selection emails from the BF membership platform which will contain a link to accept selection and pay. Payment will include contributions listed below.



Based on a cost analysis of prior seasons, BF operates a flat per night rate of £50/night for accommodation, based on shared accommodation, which is intended to allow athletes to better budget, reduce the administration required and even up the costs between different Junior World Cups.

Once the hotel has been booked the hotel will be added to the selection information page.

For nominated Junior World Cups competition hotels will be booked for the whole squad by BF. Athletes will be automatically booked a set number of nights normally in twin rooms. This is normally 2 nights, based on arriving the day before the competition and leaving the day after. This will be confirmed on the selection page. Athletes wishing to increase the number of nights will be required to make independent bookings for those nights. Any decreases in the number of nights required will not result in refunds.

Due to COVID there may be a requirement (from local organisers or the FIE) to have single occupancy and the charge per might will be adjusted accordingly once we have that information.

Outside of FIE/local restrictions, athletes wishing to be accommodated in single rooms will be required to pay an additional supplement which will include the actual cost of the single room plus the original share of the allocated twin room (£50/night) and a £20 administration fee. The exception will be when there are an odd number of athletes at which point only the £20 administration charge and the additional cost of the single room will be charged.


2021-22 JWC Contributions for Nominated Events 

Based on the increased travel and administration costs (e.g. to cover the additional costs of COVID insurance, PCR or Lateral Flow testing) the financial contributions have been increased by £25 per person.

Team Manager/Coach Contribution: £65

Referee Contribution: £90.  Each Junior World Cup squad of 10 or more will require 2 referees (or a 1000 euro fine per missing referee – which could happen at the last minute eg if a referee tests positive for COVID). BF, through the ADP, will be subsidising the additional costs of fines/travel where required. Rules around referee quotas and fines can be found on the FIE website here, o.25 and o.31. 

Additional Coach: £0 (approx. £65 per head subsidy by BF when a coach is provided)

Accommodation: £50/night (normally a minimum of 2 nights, based on sharing) OR the single occupancy rate set by local organisers if required by local/FIE rules.

Administration: £10 (£20 per head subsidy by BF)

Athletes that breach BF Codes of Conduct risk becoming ineligible for future financial subsidies and may be required to refund any grants and subsidies.


Personal Coaches

Personal coaches wishing to accompany athletes to nominated Junior World Cups must apply online for authorisation


Visas (and Brexit)

BF does not apply for visas. It is the responsibility of individuals to check whether these are required and to apply for visas.

Due to Brexit, there may be new requirements for visas to travel to certain countries.

In some cases, BF is required, as the National Federation, to submit passport details of the squad to gain the necessary letter(s) to allow athletes to apply for visas.

Timescales can depend on how quickly athletes submit their passport details and how quickly the invitation letters are turned around by the organising committee. Please do not start contacting the FIE, other National Federations or the organising committee without permission from BF, as this can introduce confusion and delay into the process. BF will be liaising with the necessary authorities to ensure that we manage this process in the most efficient way possible.

Prior to Brexit, athletes from the UK were able to train abroad indefinitely in European countries. This is no longer the case and there are restrictions regarding how many days people can stay in certain countries (when they do not have official residence/citizenship status) and for what purposes. Athletes training abroad must make themselves aware of the rules that relate to the countries they are in to avoid any unexpected issues when trying to return from competitions back to countries other than the UK.


COVID/Testing Positive/Quarantine

If you test positive at any time after accepting selection and within 10 days of returning back from the competition you must inform the Team Manager/Coach and asap.

If you test positive prior to competing and you need to withdraw you must retain and provide copies of your test results.  These will be provided to the FIE to avoid the fine levied on any athlete that fails to show up if entered.  You will be responsible for claiming off your travel insurance for any costs incurred. BF will provide confirmation of any non-refundable costs in relation to BF contributions (including accomodation).

If you test positive in the country, you (supported by your parent if U18) will be required to follow local protocols. This may include being transferred to a quarantine hotel for a period of time. You (or your parent/guardian) will be personally responsible for contacting your insurance provider, changing any travel and accommodation arrangements and completing/updating all necessary local paperwork/passenger locator forms etc.  BF staff are not able to do this for you.

If you test positive on your return home you will be required to follow UK protocols in place at the time.


Working Hours

The BF office is open Monday to Friday, and details of how to contact us and our office hours can be found here.

BF does not provide weekend administration services or travel support services. This means that if you email us on a Friday afternoon and chase us on a Monday we will rarely have had a chance to take action.

This means that travel insurance and knowing what you will do in case of standard travelling issues (flight delayed, cancelled, taxi doesn’t show, train is cancelled, COVID test is positive etc) is extremely important.

In case of serious emergencies, Team Managers will be responsible for contacting the BF CEO.



As always, all athletes, coaches, referees and team managers must have their own personal travel insurance which specifically covers them for the activities they are undertaking.

Personal coaches wishing to accompany athletes to Junior World Cups must be on the BF Coaching Register (min Level 2).

BF will not be responsible for booking accommodation for personal coaches.

Personal coaches may stay in the team hotel. For nominated events, parents, family members and supporters must stay in a separate hotel unless they are accompanying U18 fencers and have been given explicit permission (see above).

The BF Codes of Conduct including the Code of Conduct for Youth Events applies to all JWC squad members (athletes, coaches, referees, team managers) travelling from the moment they begin their journey to the competition.

All relevant BF policies apply and by accepting selection athletes (and their parents if the athlete is U18) are automatically agreeing to these policies which are available on the BF website here.







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