24/10/2016- Latest News

British Fencing is sad to announce that Graham Paul has stepped down from his role as Chair of Referees Committee (RefCom).

During his time as Chair, Graham has overseen the implementation of the UK Sport funded Referee Pathway Scheme, a programme that develops and promotes our top referees to achieve international selection and FIE qualification.

In the last two seasons this programme has awarded grants to six referees to develop their refereeing skill level by attending additional international competitions. British Fencing has also put on three seminars for Level 3 and 4 referees which have been run by members of the FIE Referees Commission.

Graham also oversaw significant improvements in the website material describing the syllabus and information on all aspects of refereeing being updated and expanded to suit a more digitally aware audience. The International Referee Selection Processes have also been improved, documented and published.

David Teasdale, British Fencing Chair, paid tribute to Graham’s “vital contribution” to fencing in this key refereeing role.  “Graham has made a big contribution to our sport in various capacities, down the years, and here he showed all his great qualities  –  leadership, focus and expertise.  We are very grateful to him  –  and we wish him very well in what won’t be a quiet retirement”.

We wish him well in his retirement from RefCom and thank him for all support.

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