Women's Team Sabre
British Fencing Championships 2018/19
Leon Paul Fencing Centre
Sunday 17th March 2019

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Overall ranking

 Rank   Name   Fencers 
 1   TRURO A
     BAEZA Marta 
     BRAY Jenna 
     MAXWELL Caiti  
     DAYKIN Kate 
     HAMPSON Sarahjane 
     HIGHAM Lucy  
     ESIMAJE-HEATH Jacqueline 
     ITZKOWITZ Aliya 
     PLEASANT Bridget 
     VAN EMMERIK Corine  
     CARNAC Tamara 
     CLEMENT Alex 
     DE DOMENICO Lorenza 
     FAIRHEAD Helen  
 5   TRURO B
     CHAN Leanne 
     O'REILLY Hannah 
     WOOD Molly  
 6   UKAF
     LEE Naomi 
     MAILEY Alex 
     SIEBENALLER Harriet  

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