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BF & BDF invite member views to feed into action plan for merging responsibilities

Following a decision by the Boards of British Disability Fencing (BDF) and British Fencing (BF) to consider the possibility of merging the roles and responsibilities of BDF into BF, we are seeking BDF and BF members views.

The joint BF/BDF project to review and assess merging responsibilities is being supported by Sport England as part of their drive to improve governance and create stronger, more sustainable organisations which can help support Sport England’s strategy for tackling inequalities.

Following receipt of members views, a draft action plan will be created and presented for consideration and approval to both Boards, alongside a summary report of member views.

There are two ways that members can share their views

1.       Zoom meeting on Wednesday 24th November, 6-7pm. This meeting is primarily intended for members of BDF and those members of the community that support wheelchair fencing. You will be directly emailed a link for this meeting. If you have not received a link, please email [email protected].

2.       Online Survey. This survey is open to all BF members, which includes all members of BDF this will remain open until Sunday 12th December. Please follow the link here to complete.

Mark Lyttle, Chair of BF said ‘We are very excited at the opportunity to work with BDF to explore formally expanding our responsibilities to include the disability remit. This is not just about the discipline of Wheelchair fencing, it is also about providing inclusive opportunities to people with disabilities to access the right experience in the right environments, across all the disciplines.”

Liv Corbishley, Independent Chair of BDF said, ‘In the past six months BDF have identified that the services and opportunities offered to members could be greatly improved and developed by aligning with a larger organisation.  We are particularly excited at the prospect of not only this becoming a reality but seeing a more integrated approach to the delivery of fencing.  It is the right time, with the support of Sport England to consider how we best serve the needs of our shared community in the future.”



Note: UK Sport currently fund the EIS to deliver the Wheelchair World Class Programme (WCP). Delivery of the WCP falls outside the scope of the responsibilities of BDF and as such is outside the scope of this merger of responsibilities.


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