Welcome to The British Fencing Charitable Fund. The Fund is a separate organisation from BF, registered with the Charity Commission, Charity number: 1162476.

The Charitable Fund actively supports the development of fencing and aims to diversify participation by providing financial and other support to encourage and nurture the talent of the future. In addition, the Fund supports strategic partnership projects and programmes designed to sustainably increase participation and maximise the positive impact that fencing can have on people’s lives.

Run by volunteers, we rely entirely on donations, the majority of which comes from members of our fencing community.


There are 3 key areas we focus on:

Talent Development

Our aim is to support the building of strong and successful GBR athlete pathway programmes. In particular we focus on supporting programmes for athletes on a trajectory to Olympic and Paralympic qualification and medal success. We do this by providing support to talented athletes that will help them graduate from domestic/international age group success onto senior international competitions.


Increasing Participation

Our aim is to develop fencing by broadening its availability.

The Charitable Fund supports the position that British Fencing is inclusive and diverse, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to take part.

We will do this by funding projects designed to increase accessibility and participation in a manner that is sustainable and provides a long term benefit for the participants and the sport.


Positive Social Impact

Our objective is to bring about positive social impact through fencing.

We will do this by supporting partnership projects designed to explore and deliver wider societal and community benefits than those traditionally associated with sport.

Fencing is an original sport of the modern Olympics. We need your help to support this fantastic sport.



Learn more about the Charitable Trust here

To contact the British Fencing Charitable Trust please email [email protected]



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