The British Fencing Charitable Fund (the ‘BF Charity’) has been set up with the objective of providing financial and other assistance to enable participation in fencing at all levels.

Originally the BF Charity was set up to address the financial barriers being faced by fencers who wanted to represent GBR but were not yet at the performance level to be eligible to join the then World Class Programme. With the subsequent funding loss, the BF Charity became an important means of supporting international success across all disciplines.

The British Fencing Charitable Trust was set up in June 2015 and is constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. It is registered with the Charity Commission Under charity number 1162476. The trustees meet regularly to oversee the operation of the charity and the distribution of grants.

While the Charitable Fund is a separate legal entity from British Fencing, its trustees are appointed on the nomination of the Board of British Fencing. The charity works closely with British Fencing to ensure that, where possible, the charity’s priorities align with those of British Fencing, however, the trustees will always act in the best interest of the charity.

The trustees receive no remuneration and, apart from minor administration costs, all donations received are applied to causes selected by the trustees.

In addition to being registered with the Charity Commission, the charity is also recognised by HM Revenue and Customs. Gift Aid can be claimed on all donations received. The registration number for gift aid is EW42958.



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