FIE/EFC Licences

A fencer can only obtain an FIE or EFC licence via the National Federation of the country of which he/she is a citizen. To apply for a GBR FIE licence the requirement is a full British passport.

You need a licence to enter a competition licensed by the respective body. The EFC competition list is available on the website here.  The FIE competition list is here.


On this page:

  • How do I apply for one?
  • How long does it take for my application to be processed?
  • Detailed instructions – FIE Licence Applications
  • When do I need an FIE licence (and how can I confirm I have been granted one)?
  • When do I need an EFC licence (and how can I confirm I have been granted one)?


How do I apply for an FIE or EFC Licence?

FIE & EFC Licences are only available through the British Fencing membership platform-

Log in using the details you used to setup your membership.  Once logged in click on the Licences menu option/tab (under your name) and follow the directions for purchasing your licence. If you are managing more than one person through your membership you will need to click on the profile of the person you wish to add a FIE license or EFC  to.

(The way you access the menu list will vary depending on whether you are logging in using a laptop, tablet or mobile.  On a mobile you will need to click the drop down arrow next to ‘Profile’, if you are using a tablet you will need to click on the actual word ‘Profile’ and on a laptop the menu options are visible on a vertical menu. This variation is due to variations in the screen size and functionality of the different devices.)


How long will it take?

Please apply for your FIE or EFC licence at least 2 weeks in advance of applying for an FIE or EFC  competition entry.

Normally your license and number will take 2-3 working days to appear in your profile. If your license has not appeared within 5 working days please contact [email protected].


Detailed instructions – applying for an FIE Licence

Step 1. Download and complete the (editable PDF) FIE GDPR application form here.

Please carefully read the associated FIE notice here as incorrect submissions will not be validated by the FIE and your application for a licence will be rejected.

Sign the form using the freehand drawing pen functionality (do not type your name as a signature or use the Adobe e signature – the FIE will not accept it and we will not be able to apply for your licence).

Please see the video instruction here for those completing the form on a smartphone or tablet.

The FIE will not process licences unless the FIE GDPR application form is correctly completed. Please note that this is an FIE form and an FIE requirement.

Step 2. Log into the BF membership platform, click on the Licences tab (under your name) and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to upload the FIE GDPR application form  Payment is taken in the platform. There may be an additional administrative charge for processing licence applications at short notice.


FIE Licence – who needs one

The FIE is the International Federation for Fencing.

Every fencer and referee competing in FIE events, including Satellite events in the UK or abroad requires an FIE licence before they can be entered for an event.

You may only hold one FIE licence for the country you are representing.

Please go to the FIE site to view the details of your licence

Under the FIE rules, it is possible to change the country that you represent under certain circumstances, for more information see here.  Once one change is made it is not possible to change again.


EFC Licence – who needs one

The CEE, or EFC, is the European Fencing Confederation.

Every Fencer and Referee entering European Fencing Confederation competitions (EFC), i.e. EFC Cadet Circuit, EFC U23 Circuit, European Cadets and U23 Championships.

Every fencer competing in EFC events,  requires an EFC licence before travelling.

To view the licence details please go to the EFC site here:

In the heading type in the first and last name then click on the search button.


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