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Coaches that have met the required standards and have uploaded their evidence to their online profile via Sport80 can be found here. Search by name, region or postcode to find a coach near you. Click on the coach’s profile to learn more about their coaching focus, professional development and philosophy.

If you are a registered coach, your profile appears here if you give permission for the locator and have completed the required sections in your Sport80 profile. For help please email

To link the original version of the Coach Register.  Click Here

Chris Howser
78 miles
Jane Clayton
101 miles
Alex Agrenich
102 miles
Adorjan Foti
107 miles
Liam Harrington
108 miles
Marc Chapman
108 miles
Laycy Elys
109 miles
Jonathan Katz
111 miles
Mark Kent
114 miles
Alan Grafton
115 miles
Peter Ellinger
127 miles
Della Bowley
140 miles
Peter Fletcher
146 miles
Oliver Bickley
146 miles
Paul Beasley
149 miles
Neil Bromley
160 miles
John Haynes
166 miles
Beth Davidson
168 miles
Shaun Garley
170 miles
Michael Cleary
190 miles
Neil Brown
193 miles
Robert Bruniges
196 miles
Iain Aberdeen
196 miles
Alistair Brook
216 miles
Robin Catling
270 miles
Keith Cook
284 miles

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