Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided by the British Fencing to ensure the safety of all fencers. Along with the BF Safety Guidelines, this section includes updates on equipment and any general travel advice affecting fencers competing abroad. For athletes representing GBR please visit the GBR Policies page for specific guidelines affecting GBR teams.

Safety Guidelines 21st Edition, Board Approved April 2024 

Guidelines on safety in fencing for fencers, coaches, referees, clubs and competition organisers

Guidance on mask safety – 17.07.17

Concussion Guidelines – 05.01.2024

Accident and ‘near misses’ reporting form.

Tracksuits over breeches – The wearing of tracksuit trousers over 350/800N breeches is currently allowed (competition and training), on condition that the trousers are tapered/straight cut (i.e. not baggy), with all openings and pockets zipped or sewn or taped closed. Implementation of this addition to the Safety Guidelines will be monitored by the Safety Committee and subject to regular review.

Clubs/Competition organisers are required to put in place respectful and inclusive protocols (which respect religious beliefs, privacy, rights of minors and the desire to be accompanied) regarding any safety checks which should be communicated to participants in advance. Where U18s are involved these must involve the parent and the club/event welfare officer. In competition checks as to whether breeches are being worn must not be left to the referee, it is the responsibility of the welfare officer to inform the referees (potentially via DT) that the checks have been made.


Previous Editions

Safety Guidelines 20th Edition, Board Approved March 2023



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