Updated 08.06.2023

To help facilitate the creation and sharing of best practice, BF has created a series of community discussion events, inviting members to raise issues, discuss topics and share ideas.

Please note that all sessions will be held through ‘Zoom’, which is a virtual platform. Once you have registered for an event you will be sent the relevant login details and instructions on the day of the session. You do not need to have a ‘Zoom’ account in order to access these sessions and there is no cost to take part.

You can also access recordings of certain historic sessions on this page by scrolling down.

Club, Welfare and COVID Officer sign up information is sent via email to all registered officers on the club’s profile. Club Admins, ensure your club is always kept in the loop by checking that all your club information and contact details are up to date on the Sport80 platform, follow this 2 minute step by step guide.



Tuesday 25th July 2023 12pm & 6pm Community Discussion Event – Welfare Officers.

Tuesday 1st August 2023 12pm & 6pm Community Discussion Event – Clubs.

Thursday 12th October 2023 12pm & 6pm Community Discussion Event – Welfare Officers.

Thursday 16th November 2023 12pm & 6pm Community Discussion Event – Clubs.


Thursday 1st June 2023 12pm & 6pm Community Discussion Event – Clubs.

Tuesday 18th April 2023 6:00pm Community Discussion Event – Welfare Officers.

Thursday 23rd February 2023 12:00pm Community Discussion Event – Clubs. Focus on Level Access Survey

Thursday 26th January 2023 6:00pm Community Discussion Event – Welfare Officers.

Wednesday 18th January 2023 6:00pm Community Discussion Event – Disability Fencing. Read more about this event here.


For a full list of previous events beyond 2023, click here.




How do the discussion groups work?

We run the groups on Zoom, by invite. We will sometimes limit the number of participants (approx 25-30) to ensure that all questions are considered and there is time for discussion. You can put questions to the panel by asking beforehand when responding to your invitation, or during the session using the chat function.

How long does a discussion last?

The discussions will differ depending on the topic and are usually set for around 1-2 hours.

What topics are discussed?

These discussion groups will all cover a range of topics around supporting lockdown and returning to fencing, e.g. health and safety, events, coaching, welfare, marketing and more. There will be plenty of opportunities to contribute ideas and ask questions.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Some will be recorded. However, to facilitate an open discussion and allow people to share their honest opinions, we will only use the recordings internally to inform next steps and help us produce the return to fencing plans and guidance. We have found this approach puts people at ease and allows for a more honest discussion.

What happens after a discussion?

We are currently considering creating topic based member-led working groups to move forward with particular areas of guidance after we have completed the first round of discussion events. We welcome participants who would like to help develop ideas prompted from the sessions.

I have a question that isn’t answered here:

If you have any suggested topics to discuss or want to know more about the series, please email [email protected].





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