General Codes of Conduct

These codes are British Fencing Code of Conduct for all Home Countries, Regions, Counties, Clubs Members and Persons:-

  1. BF Code of Conduct – General – 1st January 2024
  2. Code of Conduct for Young People – 4.12.15

Guidance for athletes on managing social media in accordance with the BF Code of Conduct can be found here.


GBR Codes of Conduct

The following Codes of Conduct are in addition to the General Codes of Conduct.

GBR Team Officials

Code of Conduct and Ethics: Team Officials – updated 09.02.18

All Team Officials selected for Great Britain (GB) national teams agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and Ethics and must formally declare this before they will be permitted to travel as part of a GB Team. This Code should be read in conjunction with the Code of Conduct: Young Athletes; Penalties: Youth Events and British Fencing’s Child Protection Policy. For the avoidance of doubt ‘Team Officials’ covers Chef de Missions; team managers; GB coaches; personal coaches; referees or any others who agree to attend in a position of responsibility and authority as part of a GB Team.

Delegation of Authority to Team Managers (agreed by the Board 21.07.2012)


GBR Athletes

Code of Conduct: Athletes Youth Events updated 22.2.2018

From 1st January there is an additional Code of Conduct – GBR Athletes  which covers athletes of all ages.

All athletes who accept a selection for Great Britain (GBR) or are entered to an international competition through British Fencing are automatically bound by these codes of conduct. All athletes (or for fencers under 18 at the time of travel, their parent or legal guardian) must agree to this code of conduct before the athlete will be permitted to travel as part of a GBR squad.

There are additional policies relating to participating in GBR squads for athletes, officials and parents. These can be found here.  Anyone that attends an international event where athletes are competing for GBR is automatically bound by these policies.

Any athlete in receipt of UK Sport programme funding from 1st January 2024 will be required to adhere to the Unacceptable Behaviour Policy.


GBR Coaches

All coaches supporting GBR athletes (those athletes who accept a selection for Great Britain (GBR) or are entered to an international competition through British Fencing) are automatically bound by this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct – GBR Coaches


Event Codes of Conduct

All Participants at BF Fencing Events:

The Fair Play Code


For Reference – Prior Codes of Conduct valid to 1st January 2024

  1. Code of Conduct  – updated January 2015
  2. Coaches Code of Conduct – updated January 2015
  3. Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers – Updated January 2015
  4. Code of Conduct for Referees – Updated 18.05.2021 

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