Welfare Officer Register

Last updated 19th March 2024

The Club Welfare Officer register below will be updated monthly.   If you think you should be on the list and are not it is likely that one or more of your requirements is out of date.  You will be removed from the list when any certificate is out of date by one month or more. Please check that you have uploaded the latest certificates to Sport80 before contacting us. If you have up-to-date training, your certificates and membership are all up to date in Sport80 and you are not on the list then please contact us using this form, and select Coaching and Workforce as the service required.


If your name is in black letters, that means you are fully compliant.

If your name is in red letters, that means you are currently non-compliant or a certificate or your membership will require renewal in the near future. Non compliance can occur if one of your requirements is not up to date, or you haven’t provided copies of one or more of your certificates.

Sport80 should remind you when your membership or a certificate is due to be renewed if this has not happened please inform us.

Please find here a step-by-step guide to the requirements you need to be fully compliant   You can find details of the accepted welfare training here.

In summary, to be added onto the list you will need a minimum of a BF membership, a criminal record check and to have attended the required training

To submit your certificates for approval, please upload them to your Sport80 profile. This short video is a quick tutorial on uploading certificates. Make sure to select the correct categories of each type of certificate (for full instructions, please consult this page).


If you are using an iPhone or having problems viewing the document please Click Here


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