BF’s Coaching Framework recognises the specific needs of fencers in each stage of their fencing journey.

This journey usually starts in the Community space, where participants are looking for socially-based experiences to discover new ways to get active and develop their motivation to move. The recommended training for coaching in this space is the Core Coach course.

Core Coach is for activity centres, companies and educational institutions that want to engage all participants and make activities accessible. This inclusive and fun fencing programme will diversify the sports that you offer and ensure that you have a broad range of participants.

Fencing is a unique sport that captures the imagination of the whole group.

Core Coach is an equaliser and allows people of a wide range of abilities to feel included. Watch this short video with teachers’ testimonials.


  • Achieve British Fencing’s Community fencing qualification.
  • Develop the skills to deliver introductory taster sessions and fencing-related games.
  • Promote physical literacy with an inclusive, accessible programme based on swordplay games and basic fencing technique.
  • Gain the competence to deliver the fundamentals of fencing (in foam, plastic or metal) and explore your coaching philosophy.



  • 1 or 2 days long, depending on candidates’ recognised/accredited prior learning.
  • Organised for groups of 4 to 12 candidates.
  • Delivered by a qualified BF Coach Developer at a venue sourced by yourself.
  • Prices: £465 (1 day)/£685 (2 days) + mileage and other subsistence/travel costs (if any). Equipment is not included.

With this course, you also get:



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