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Black Card Note: in GBR Domestic Events the fencer is immediately excluded from the competition and suspended from the remainder of the tournament.  Details must be reported to British Fencing – – for consideration under the Disciplinary Process, which may result in the imposition of additional penalties.  The additional FIE penalty of two months suspension from competition only applies automatically to FIE Events.

Chest Protector Notes (Originally posted January 2018): in GBR Domestic Events the FIE standard chest protectors for foil introduced by the FIE in 2018 (m.25 4(c) ) will not be obligatory until season 2019-20 – and only for Cadet, Junior and Senior BF Ranking events.

Ranking events are competitions that count for BF Ranking points and in turn these rankings are typically used for selection for teams that compete internationally.


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