FIE Competitions

There is only one approved mask design for use by GB fencers in FIE Competitions (only one design per nation is allowed).

Domestic Events

Approved Jan 2015

Fencers are permitted to have designs on the mesh of their masks in domestic fencing competitions run under the auspices of British Fencing provided:

  1. There is no material alteration to the structure of the mask and trim
  2. All BF Safety Rules continue to be upheld
  3. The design should be appropriate to the environment in which it is worn – consideration should be given to designs likely to cause offence, distraction or fear, particularly in minors.
  4. No brand-names, corporate logos or sponsorship imagery

Fencers will be responsible for seeking (and proving) permission to use any trademarked image

Fencing competition organisers may require fencers to change their mask in the event that any of the rules are judged to be broken.  (DT will take the names of both fencers and a picture of the mask and send this in a report to BF Head Office).

During competitions fencers have the right to object if they feel that the design of their opponents mask is offensive or an unnecessary distraction.  If the opponent refuses to change their mask the referee will refer the matter to DT.  DT will then make a judgment which may require the mask to be changed for that bout, that particular opponent (in the event they meet again) or the rest of the competition.  DT will take the names of both fencers and a picture of the mask and send this in a report to BF Head Office.

The Rules Committee will review the log of reports on a regular basis to establish whether any additional action needs to be taken.

Fencing competition organisers have the right to disallow mask designs at any stage of a competitions to uphold their sponsorship and media commitments provided they communicate this clearly in advance to the competitors which includes publishing this requirement on the BF Calendar entry.




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