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The Coach Digest is produced by British Fencing and is targeted at Fencing Coaches and those interested in Coaching. The quarterly e-newsletter is circulated with ideas and information to support coaches in their development. Below are some selected articles from previous coach digests.

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Past Articles

Parents in Sport

Coaches regularly cite ‘working with parents’ as one of the most challenging aspect of their role. This is the case at most levels of sport with the possible exception of the player managers at the highest levels of professional sport. Young people often mention parental behaviour as a major factor in their discontinuation in sport. The exact nature of parental engagement varies widely amongst families, this often ……… Read More

Lee’s Multiple Solutions

Should a coach teach the “textbook” technique or whether the coach should allow the performer to discover a technique that works best for them? With the latter, one only needs to look at professional athletes from any sport to notice the variety of techniques that are adopted, David Beckham’s free kicks are…….Read More

Coach Development Modules

The document contains information on the additional modules included in the new Introduction to Coaching Fencing (ITCF) and the Coaching Fencing L2 (CFL2) courses…. Find out more

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

In a self-fulfilling prophecy, the expectations and perceptions that coaches form about their Fencers serve as prophecies that ultimately determine the Fencer’s level of athletic achievement. In Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a…..Read More



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