Rules for use of corporate logos on fencing kit

These rules are intended to cover the use of corporate logos on kit to promote sponsors of individual (or groups of individual) fencers.

The rules are applicable whilst competing in Domestic level tournaments in the UK.

{Please note that the rules for placements of corporate logos are less strict that the international rules and athletes competing internationality in the same equipment should familiarise themselves with the international rules)

International rules are contained within the FIE Publicity Code found here.  In accordance with the FIE Publicity Code, BF reserve the rights to GBR athletes to affix logos of up to two federation sponsoring/funding partners onto fencing equipment and the National tracksuit.

The interpretation and enforcement of these rules are ultimately the responsibility of the organisers of the individual competitions.


The following UK events are not covered by these rules:

  • Home Internationals
  • Commonwealth events
  • FIE or EFC events



There are 4 areas on which corporate logos may be visible. For each area a maximum size is defined. Each area is continuous and may not be split up to provide coverage of a larger area. There are no limits to the number of logos worn.

Area 1- collar Max size 45sq cm – Width: no larger than 1.5 circumference of neck – Height: no taller than collar. Not to overlap any seams

Area 2 – back Max area: 600 sq cm – Width: no wider than side seams of jacket- Not to obscure or overlap name/country marks

Area 3 – non-sword arm Max size 400 sq cm – Width: no wider than seams or 1.5 circumference of arm – Height: no higher than shoulder seam

Area 4 – non sword leg Max size 450 sq cm – Width: no wider than 1.5 circumference of leg – Height: no higher than waist seam. To be centred on leg side-seam

Other Areas – Socks, gloves, collarbones in accordance with FIE rules

Logos can also be designed onto the mesh of masks – please read the information here.


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