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Three Top 16 Finishes for GB

The Cadet & Junior European Championships are currently being held in Budapest, Hungary and will last until 3rd March, 2013.  Here is an update of the individual tournaments in the Cadet events.

Men’s Foil Individual

Day one of the championships began with the Men’s Foil individual event.  The field of 81 competitors included four from Great Britain.  Birch started well winning all six of his first round matches, progressing to the knockout stages along with Lloyd (V3D3) and Rai (V3D3).  Kiss (V1D4) did not make the first round cut.  Birch was ranked second which earned him a bye through the round of 64.  Lloyd (ranked 40th) defeated Files (CRO) 15-14 to join Birch in the round of 32 but Rai (ranked 45th) was knocked out 15-8 by Hoeger (GER).  In the round of 32 Lloyd was edged out 15-14 by Bobylev (RUS) but Birch won 15-10 against Meszaros (HUN) to make the round of 16.  There he faced Lahunou (HUN) and was overcome 15-5.  The event was won by Weiner (GER) who beat Matveev (RUS) 15-8 to become the first Cadet European Champion to be crowned in 2013.  The bronze medals went to Dosa (HUN) and Lahunou (BLR).

GB Individual Placings:  Birch 9th, Lloyd 29th, Rai 48th, Kiss 65th.

Women’s Sabre Individual

A field of fifty sabruers included four British fencers.  Sleeman (V2D4), Daykin (V1D4) and Anil (V1D5) did not survive the first round cut, but Gladdish started well dropping only one of her first round matches to earn a seeding of six.  This meant that she had a bye through the round of 64.  She went on to beat Kelecsenyi (HUN) 15-9 in the next round but was knocked out 15-14 by Cieslar (POL) in the round of 16.  Gogoleva (RUS) took the European title by beating Rifkiss (RUS) 15-10 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Chery-Emmanuel (FRA) and Cieslar (POL).

GB Individual Placings:  Gladdish 10th, Sleeman 39th, Daykin 40th & Anil 42nd.

Men’s Epee Individual

The largest field so far of 110 fencers included four from Great Britain.  Nichols (V1D5) and Sinclair (V0D6) did not make the first round cut but Peck and Steed (both V3D3) did.  In the incomplete round of 128 Peck defeated Mikael (GEO) 15-14 and Steed beat Borisevich (BLR) 15-14.  Unfortunately neither Peck nor Steed progressed any further losing 15-12 to Horestskiy (BLR) and 15-9 to Toth (HUN) respectively.  The newly crowned European Champion in this discipline was Banyai (HUN) who beat Horetskiy (BLR) 15-6 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Rubes (CZE) and Bergamini (ITA).

GB Individual Placings:  Peck 52nd, Steed 61st, Nichols 92nd & Sinclair 105th.

Women’s Foil Individual

A field of 69 included two Brits.  Both Chart and Fihosy progressed winning two of their six first round fights.  In the incomplete round of 64, Chart lost 15-2 to Calugareanu (ROU) but Fihosy overcame the seventeenth seed, Lunkina (BLR) 15-8.  Finding some form Fihosy also beat Poser (GER) 15-6, in the round of 32.  Her day ended in the round of 16 against another German, Behr, 15-4, who was seeded first for the tableau.  The event was won by Mesteri-Schmel (HUN) who beat Bolder (ROU) 15-13 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Dlugosz (POL) and Szymczak (POL).

GB Individual Placings:  Fihosy 16th & Chart 51st.

Women’s Individual Epee

A field of 93 included four fencers from Great Britain all of whom progressed to the knockout stages; Cormack (V4D1), Hudson (V5D1), Stanier (V3D3) and Summers (V4D1).  All of them also progressed through the incomplete 128 with byes and then Cormack went on to beat Unal (TUR) 15-9, Hudson defeated Ohlmuller (HUN) 15-12 and Stanier knocked out Nagy (HUN) 15-12 but Summers lost 12-9 to Cazaerck (BEL).  None of the remaining Brits progressed through the round of 32 with Cormack losing 15-13 to Riedmuller (GET), Hudson 15-14 to Tahe (FRA) and Stanier 15-12 to Cros (ROU).  The event was won by Stahlberg (GER) who beat Obraztsova (RUS) 15-8 to take the European title.  The bronze medals were won by De Marchi (ITA) and Marzani (ITA).

GB Individual Placings:  Hudson 19th, Cormack 21st, Stanier 32nd & Summers 38th.

Men’s Individual Sabre

Four British fencers joined a field of 62 in the last of the individual Cadet events to take place at these championships.  Deary (V4D1) progressed through the first round and earned himself a bye straight to the round of 32.  Amsalem (V3D3), Moore (V2D4) and Webb (V3D3) also progressed but had to fence in the round of 64.  There Moore defeated Cuc-Dumitrescu (ROU) 15-14 and Webb knocked out Kaczkowski (POL) 15-8 but Amsalem lost 15-14 to Hernandez (ESP).  Unfortunately no one progressed any further than the round of 32 with Deary losing 15-7 to Bancsics (HUN), Moore 15-12 to Habony (HUN) and Webb 15-10 to Dreossi (ITA).  The event was won by Caranti (ITA) who beat Platonov (UKR) 15-9.  The bronze medals were won by Voronov (UKR) and Novikau (BLR).

GB Individual Placings:  Deary 22nd, Webb 26th, Moore 32nd & Amsalem 35th.

The cadet team events start on 1st March 2013 with Men’s Epee and Foil and Women’s Sabre.

All results can be found here.

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