Wheelchair Fencing Clubs

We asked the clubs in our community to let us know whether they are wheelchair accessible, and also if they currently have wheelchair fencing equipment that participants can use.

The list below shows clubs in the UK that have indicated that they are wheelchair accessible. Clubs that have indicated that they have equipment specific to wheelchair fencing are shown with an additional check mark.

Please be aware that accessibility is self-declared. Before making a first visit, it is advised to get in touch with the club first to discuss facilities and any specific requirements.

If you are a member club that’s accessible and welcoming to wheelchair-using fencers and are not listed above, please fill out this form to add your club details.

If you find a club on this list that isn’t welcoming and accommodating to wheelchair-using fencers for some reason, please contact our Inclusion Officer (Disability) by emailing [email protected].

If you are the club administrator or coach and wish for your club to be removed from this list for any other reason, again, please contact our Inclusion Officer (Disability) by emailing [email protected].

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Disability Fencing 101
  • What is Disability
  • How does it affect the community


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Top Tips
  • Welcoming disabled people
  • Finding resources
  • Communication suggestions
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Accessible Venues
  • Is your club accessible?
  • How to make disabled people feel welcome
  • Download our Access Matrix

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