"Our scouts have really enjoyed fencing, and we're looking forward to completing the sessions to attain the Bronze Award.”
- Cornwall Scouts

Fencing is a popular activity for Uniformed Groups to offer to their members. BF can provide opportunities to up-skill adult leaders to be able to deliver fencing in a safe, fun and exciting way.

Providing opportunities to develop leadership skills in young people is also a key element of our offer to Uniformed Groups, as well as providing links to local fencing clubs and guidance on running inter and intra Group Competitions.


Fencing is a great activity to run for your Scouts and is different to many traditional sports and activities that you may already deliver, below are some of the reasons why:

  • Young fencers are more likely to take part in non-mainstream sports alongside fencing, emphasising its appeal to young people with an individual streak.
  • Young fencers have extremely positive perceptions of the sport and view it as a way to have fun, channel stress, challenge themselves and stay active. For many (73%), the sport is either the only sport (49%) or the priority sport in their lives.
  • Young fencers are highly committed – 94% fencing once a week or more.

BF has been working with the Scout Association to provide opportunities for Scout Leaders to deliver fencing in a safe, fun and engaging way, whilst ensuring that the activity can be sustained and delivered in-house. Below are links to the various opportunities available, how it links with the Master at Arms Badge and how you can gain a coaching qualification to deliver fencing to your Scouts.

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