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The camp serves to bookend twelve months of wheelchair fencing in the ADP.

British Fencing’s most recent wheelchair Athlete Development Programme (ADP) camp, held in Nottingham University on the 1st and 2nd June 2024, marks the end of the first year of wheelchair development events designed to offer the same level of high quality coaching and training available to standing athletes.

Thirteen fencers of all experience levels, from international competitors to those looking forward to entering their first national event, made the journey to Nottingham to work with coaches Glen Golding, from the UKSI World Class Programme, and Nathaniel Lewis, BF Wheelchair ADP Project Officer. The camp’s aim was to expand on the fencers’ use of movement in the chair and to experiment with creating scoring opportunities through changing distance.

Many of the attending fencers will make use of their training in the upcoming British Open Championships on the 13th and 14th July. Some will also be making the trip to Warsaw for the upcoming World Abilitysport World Cup to contend with the very best of the world’s fencers on the international stage in the run up to the Paralympic Games.

This camp may serve to bookend twelve months of wheelchair fencing in the ADP, but the journey is far from over; while our world class level fencers are gearing up for the Paris Paralympics, the next ADP camp will be running from the 31st August, helping to support the next generation of wheelchair fencers to achieve their full potential.

Nathaniel Lewis said: “I am in awe of these fencers. Their drive, passion, and determination is something all athletes would do well to emulate. They embody the very best of BF’s ideals and I look forward to working with them as the ADP continues to support wheelchair fencing in the future.”

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To learn about the ADP as a whole, including how it supports the development of standing fencers, click here: Joining The ADP


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