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The 2024 British Open Championships will be held on the 13-14th July 2024 at EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA.

Find out more about the competition venue and accessibility information

The British Open Championships is for all Compete licensed members of British Fencing, including those not eligible to compete for GBR and international visitors.

The GB Cup and U14 British Open Championships also take place over this weekend.

Wheelchair Fencing Events are open events (not restricted to only classified athletes). BF are aware that not everyone who wants to fence sitting down is currently classified or is interested or able to be classified under the Paralympics system.

If you have always been fascinated by wheelchair fencing, but you aren’t a wheelchair user day to day, these events are also for you. The format of the event will be adapted, with medals and trophies will be awarded for Category A, Category B and Open Category.


Event Format: 

1 Round of Poules with Cut  followed by DE – those eliminated at the poule stage will enter the plate tableaux

Wheelchair Events: A minimum of one round of poules, with all competitors promoted to DE. Formats may be adapted depending on final entry numbers.


Saturday 13th July 2024  Start Time  Sunday 14th July 2024  Start Time
Men’s Foil 09:00 Men’s Epee 09:00
Women’s Epee 09:00 Women’s Foil 09:00
Men’s Sabre 09:00 Women’s Sabre 09:00
Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Foil 09:30 Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Epee 09:30
Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Sabre 14:30
  • Fencers must report to the referee on their piste, ready to fence, 15 mins before the scheduled start time
  • Poules will be drawn and displayed online at 6pm the day before the competition.  Information will also be displayed at the venue.
  • Fencing can start a maximum of 10 mins before the official start time if all fencers for the competition are present at their piste.

Ranking Information

The British Senior Open Championships is nominated for Senior, Junior and Cadet Ranking Points.

The Ranking Multipliers are:

Senior – 700

Junior – 300

Cadets – 500

Further information on the BF Ranking Schemes can be found at Rankings – BRITISH FENCING

Eligibility and Membership Level

Membership Level Required: Compete

Check your BF membership and log into the platform here.

If you are a member of an international federation looking to travel to enter this event, you will require a temporary membership. Find out how to apply here.

Referee Provision

As with the 2023 Open Championships, clubs are required to provide referee(s) based on the number of fencers they enter:

  • 1-4 fencers   – no referee
  • 5-9 fencers    – 1 referee
  • 10+ fencers  – 2 referees

Note that is quota is based on per weapon per day. For example, a club entering four fencers into Men’s Epee and four into Women’s Foil are not required to provide a referee. However, if a club is entering five fencers into Men’s Epee and three into Women’s Foil, the club must provide one referee.

BF wants to work collaboratively with clubs where they must provide referees per their club entries.

The process will work as follows:

  • Clubs are encouraged to contact BF stating their intent to provide a referee following the formula as early as possible but not after the competition’s closing date. As per the event entry lists, BF will also reach out to clubs when they meet five fencers per weapon.
  • Names of nominated referees must be provided to BF before the 21st  June 2024 or as soon as possible; before this date is preferred.
  • Clubs are to cover their own referee’s expenses (travel and accommodation). BF can provide details of the ‘official workforce’ hotel BF uses if clubs would like to book their referee into the same hotel.
  • Clubs providing referees will also be offered vouchers for safeguarding training and the opportunity to have a 1-1 session with BF staff exploring support opportunities for their club (e.g. grant application support, welfare training plans, risk assessment reviews, personalised GB League sign-up support).
  • BF is not looking to fine clubs but will fine £250 in the following circumstances:
    • A club does not engage or respond to BFs communications and fails to provide referees.
    • A club agrees to provide support (Referee or other agreed support) following a conversation with BF and then fails to do so (excluding force majeure reasons).

BF will cover the day rates for all referees per the following pay scale:

Qualification Level Maximum Day Rate
Domestic Referee: Level 3, Level 2 Qualification £40
International Referee: Active FIE, EFC C Grade Qualification £60

If you have any questions, or need to provide referee information, please contact [email protected]

Entry Process

Entry Opening Date: 21st March 2024 (09:00)


Entry Closing Date: 28th June 2024 (17:00)

Entry Fee: £78 (Standing Events), £25 (Wheelchair Events per Weapon)

Entry Fee Support Scheme: BF is mindful of the rising costs of attending fencing events and the potential barrier to participation this creates for some members of our community. As a result, BF is offering a limited number of free entries. These will be offered based on financial need, not on ability.  This scheme will cover 100% of the entry fee cost.

To apply for the scheme, please complete the form below.


Deadline for applications Wednesday 12th June at 5pm

All applicants will be told the outcome by close of play Friday 14th June 2024.  Please do not enter the event if you are awaiting the outcome of your application as the entry process will still be open after the outcome of the applications.

Equipment and Weapons Control

Equipment: All fencers must wear the correct kit as per British Fencing rules. This will include FIE chest protectors (m.25 4(c) ) and 800N sabre gloves (as per the rule at https://www.britishfencing.com/urgent-safety-notice-sabre-gloves/).

Masks with 2 rear safety systems are required -see further information here.

Media, Streaming and Photography

Media: Please note there will be filming and photography including live streaming at this event for BF purposes. If you do not give photography/filming permission for yourself or your athlete, please contact [email protected] before the event.

Photography Policy: Anyone wanting to take photographs using any kind of professional or semi-professional camera equipment must apply for accreditation in advance of the event. Accreditation will not be available during competition. This means any kind of camera with a detachable lens, including DSLR, mirrorless and film camera systems, and/or using any kind of tripod or monopod. Photo accreditation is for still photography only – no video recording or video equipment is permitted. Live streaming or broadcasting video in any way, from any device including smartphones, is also not permitted.

All photographers at the event must follow the instructions of the BF media representative, the Event Director, and the referees.

Please email: [email protected]

British Fencing reserves the right to refuse or withdraw photographic accreditation at any time without giving a reason.


Accreditation: Accreditation will be in place for access to the Field of Play (FoP) at the event. There will be no access to the Field of Play without an accreditation.

Why is there an accreditation system in place?

There are several reasons why an accreditation system has been introduced at BF events. Field of Play (FoP) accreditation was in part introduced to control and improve the quality of the immediate environment around the fencer when they compete. Over the years an increasing number of parents, coaches etc have wished to support fencers by occupying spaces closer and closer to the piste which causes safety issues and makes refereeing more difficult.

Importantly fencers tell us that they do not like this overcrowding and it makes it harder to concentrate.

Accreditation is also an important part of us managing the experience for young people and helps us uphold the Fair Play Code which we expect everyone to follow for the event.  (You can find an article on coaching and supporting fencers at U14 events here, and the role of a parent during a match here.)

Do I need FoP accreditation if I am just coming to the event?

No. There is spectator seating and standing room in both halls with space to view all pistes. Spectators are able to view the actions from behind the FoP barriers, which will be only a few meters behind the end of the piste.



Accreditation Application Deadline: 9th July 2024 at 5pm BST

General Information

Rule Changes: The new passivity rule introduced on the 1st January 2023 by the FIE will be implemented at the event.

Shop: Leon Paul Stand will be at the venue throughout the weekend.

Welfare: There will be a dedicated welfare officer at the event who will be clearly visible throughout. All welfare issues that arise at the event must be reported to the welfare officer present.

Sustainability: As part of BFs commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our sport, no single-use plastic bottles will be permitted on the field of play. We hope that the community will support efforts in this area and ensure that everyone brings re-useable bottles to the event.

Prayer Room: There will be a prayer room available at the venue for all three days. Please ask at reception or speak to a member of the team and they will direct you.

Disabilities: BF recognises that many disabilities are hidden and participants in competitions may need additional support throughout the event. Any disability information that you provide in your membership profile (provided that you have given permission to share) will be passed to the organising team and a member of the event welfare team will get in touch to discuss how we can help. Alternatively you can contact us in advance either by emailing the events team directly [email protected], or the BF safeguarding lead ([email protected]). Finally, you can ask speak to a member of the onsite team at check-in. Please note the earlier you raise any additional support needs the better able we are to make reasonable accommodations.


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