Temporary Membership (International Visitors)


All fencers require a BF membership to participate in a competition.

Temporary Membership is a one competition membership for International Visitor Fencers who are members of their National Federation and wish to travel to compete in a Fencing competition in the UK.

Holders of Temporary Membership are not entitled to a place on the BF rankings and they are not entitled to represent a UK club whilst competing in the UK.

A maximum of two Temporary Memberships can be granted to one fencer in any 12 month period.

No discount is available on any subsequent upgrade to a standard membership product.

Holders of temporary memberships are not entitled to a place on the ranking.

In the event that a temporary membership holder becomes a standard compete member, only those points earned after the standard compete membership start date shall count towards ranking and no previously published rankings will be amended.



Fencers must NOT :

  1. Be UK residents
  2. Be studying, training, living and/or working in the UK
  3. Attend or represent a UK club


To apply for a temporary membership International Visitors must provide evidence including:

  1. A valid membership of their own National Federation
  2. Confirmation of their travel bookings to and from the UK for the competition dates.

International Visitors are expected to ensure that they have suitable travel insurance policies in place to cover competing in a fencing event.



£5 per competition.

Temporary memberships are available directly from BF by completing this form here. Please allow at least 5 working days. If you need an urgent membership to enter a competition please check out our standard membership packages which can be purchased online at any time.


Events Included

The competitions on the date for which the membership is valid for.  Fencers must still contact the organisers of the competition to enter the competition.


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